Useful Tips on Recycling

REPLAN company has a high ecological orientation and considers it is its duty to offer some practical tips to the ordinary citizens on the waste recycling, especially concerning urban waste.

- In the blue recycling bins, which can be found in most municipalities in Greece, you may throw away packaging materials such as:

  • Paper (magazines, newspapers, carton etc.)
  • Plastic (water bottles, plastic bags etc.)
  • Glass (little jars, glass bottles)
  • Aluminum (beverage cans etc.)
  • Tin plate (tin cans etc.)

- Most batteries are particularly toxic, a fact that makes their recycling particularly important. In Greece, batteries are collected in special bins manufactured by AFIS Company, which is the body in charge of this type of recycling. You may find them in various supermarkets and mobile telephony businesses.

- Light bulbs (except for incandescent light bulbs) contain materials that are hazardous to the environment and health and they must not be disposed of with the other household waste and they must not be broken. Various electronic equipment stores are equipped with suitable bins for their disposal. The company Fotokyklosi S.A. is the body in charge of this type of recycling.

- The common plastic bags are hazardous to the environment too. It is therefore important to use biodegradable bags, fabric bags or big multiple-use plastic bags, with great life span.



Collection of pollutant substances, which means:

-removal of batteries and liquified gas tanks

-removal or neutralisation of potential explosive components (e.g. air bags)

-removal and separate collection and storage of fuel, motor oil, oil, gearbox oil, hydraulic oil, cooling liquids, antifreeze, brake fluids, air-conditioning system fluids and any other fluid contained in the end of life of the vehicles.

Recycling, which means:

-removal of car catalysts

-removal of copper and aluminum

-removal of tyres and large plastic components (bumpers, dashboard, fluid containers, etc).

-remove the glass

At the end of this whole process, what remains of the car is pure metal. This in turn results in industries where with proper treatment it is transformed again into useful product!